Our puppies are raised in our homes among our families. They are handled and cuddled daily which is very important to their socialization skills. Using our experience and family influence, all puppies are very happy, loving, playful and confident.  

 We supply the first vaccination and several dewormings, copies of parents' pedigrees, a book on how to care specifically for a cavalier, AKC papers, and puppy's food. The puppies are also veterinarian checked before adoption. 

 To protect the breed, our pet puppies are adopted with limited AKC registration and are required to be spayed or neutered by one year of age. 

Occasionally show/breeding potential puppies are placed with trusted cavalier enthusiasts on the agreement that health, temperament, and conformation adhere to the AKC standard prior to breeding or showing.  

 Breeding should be the responsibility of an ethical and experienced breeder or someone who is under the guidance of one. Cavaliers are a beloved breed and we want to ensure their reputation continues as wonderful family companions.  

If you are unsure whether to adopt a male or a female, let us give you a little advice;  We believe the sex of a puppy should not be an issue in your selection because, when spayed or neutered early, both male and female cavaliers make equally great home companions.  Temperamentally, males and females are both very loving and loyal.  At Monticello Cavaliers we believe in the saying "Females love you, but males are in love with you."



For puppy inquiries and availability, please call or email:


Carolyn  Powell                                                                                           Ashley Powell

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