CH Monticello Rock N' Roll


Reagan loves to be spoiled and thinks she is the favorite out of everyone! Since she is already an AKC Champion, she also takes on a maternal role and likes to teach the younger ones manners and how to be a "proper" Cavalier.  Reagan is the best greeter as she is quick to meet you at the door with famous Cavalier kisses and tail- wagging!

Monticello Rebel Without A Cause


Kimber, often referred to her nickname, Piggy, loves to talk to you! She makes you feel like she actually understands what you're saying and always has a response to say back. Her favorite response is "Woo" and in fact, she actually says this word on command. Kimber's playful side has always made her a rebel at heart, but don't let that fool you, she wants nothing more than to give you kisses!

Monticello Catch A Falling Star


Mia is one of the most maternal girls of our pack-  even towards our older dogs. Her calm and attentive nature makes her the perfect fit. Whenever she is picked up, she likes to "swim" in the air, hence her nickname, "Swimmer girl."

Monticello Beatrix


One of our smallest girls, Trixie makes up for it with her spunky and sassy personality! Sometimes, she likes to carry "babies" aka small toys in her mouth- something that was passed on from her mom, Gabby. 

Monticello Like Dreamers Do


Stassie, short for Anastasia, is the best kisser! In fact, she gives kisses on command! When hearing her name, she likes to show you her "wiggle butt" dance. Stassie does like to bark sometimes, but it is always to say a friendly hello! She is named after The Beatles' song, "Like Dreamers Do."

Monticello California Dreaming


Lottie loves to play with toys and run as fast as she can when she's outside. She is a sister to Duchess, Stassie, and Fletcher. Her and Stassie are sometimes referred to as "twins" because of how similar they are- right down to their bark! She is also deemed the best snuggler of the pack! Lottie is our newest AKC Champion.


Photo Credit: Phyllis Ensley Photography

Monticello Sweet Dreams


Duchess is the most kind and calm dog; she always knows if someone feels down and strives to cheer you up! Belly rubs are her favorite. She is also in training to finish her AKC Championship. She is a sister to Lottie, Stassie, and Fletcher.


Photo Credit: The Winning Image